Home Works is a faith-based nonprofit organization providing home repair services to low-income homeowners while mentoring & discipling youth in the process.

Est. 1996

Serving the citizens of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia for more than 20 years.

Compassionate Construction

While some organizations prioritize vulnerable homeowners and substandard housing; other non-profits focus on youth mentorship in a culture of entitlement.

Home Works of America uniquely engages
both demographics.

We work to create a context in which youth can meet with poverty stricken homeowners in a context of transformation that yields personal, social, communal and environmental (energy efficiency) impact.

At every Home Works repair session, construction
meets compassion.


Our mission is to show God's love through serving those in need by repairing homes, while assisting with youth development, & empowering communities
to care for their own.

Do you know what
$12,000 is?


The annual income of a widow living on Social Security & pension. These are the people we help.



Volunteers have served through
Home Works.


Homeowners have been served through HomeWorks.

Typical Work

Wheelchair Ramps

Sheetrock Repair

Roof Repair/Replacement

Interior/Exterior Painting

Kitchen & Bath

Exterior Repairs

So who can help?

You Can!

Your gift can help us bring merciful compassionate construction help to to an increasing number of vulnerable homeowners living in substandard housing.

Volunteers range from middle school school students through working adults. Our goal is for youth to learn from interactions with others while making a valuable impact.

If you are looking to clean out the garage, check out our current wishlist and see if you may have any of these items you are willing to give.

There are two words to describe the Home Works experience for my 14 year old:
When I asked him how he felt to be able to help others, he laughed and said that he was actually the one who had been helped.

Know someone in need?

Homeowners seeking assistance can check the qualifications and complete an application form.